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Cereals/cereal Bars

no stock  
45299 RRP
Alpen Fruit & Nut With Chocolate Bar 5pk
29g x 10 

45302 RRP
Alpen Light Bar Jaffa Cake 5pk
19g x 10 

45296 RRP
Weetabix Branflakes
500g x 10 

45294 RRP
Weetabix Chocolate
12pk x 10 

45297 RRP
Weetabix Fruit And Fibre
500g x 10 

45298 RRP
Weetabix Malted Wheats
400g x 10 

45293 RRP
Weetabix Original
12pk x 18 

45295 RRP
Weetabix Weetaflakes
375g x 10 

Other Food Goods